• Thursday, August 17, 2017
    • 6P
      Thursday Night Training Ride*
      Bruce Wells
      Rt 22 route. Can you survive the climbs on Rt 22 immediately after the long climb up Rt 172? Back by dark, but bring a light. Ride leaves promptly. Sunset: 7:51pm *Unaffiliated Ride
      Start: Waller Ave. Parking Lot, White Plains
    • 6P
      Tim Lener
      Thursday night Roller Coaster Ride! This ride has fun familiar roads, though some may be in reverse of what you're used to. Some hills to climb, rollers to rock on, and a wild sprint down Lake Ave. Please have a working rear light on at all times, bring a front light too. Sign In
    • 9A
      Tazza to White Pond and Miller
      Stephen Kuncio
      Route takes Stoneleigh on way to Bullethole and Holmes. Opportunity to refuel at Millwood and 52 at mile 21 or at Boyds Corner on 301 at mile 38, after Miller Hill. Dixon on way back then Shindagen into Somers. Sign In
    • 9:30A
      A one way ride with lunch at LaBonne's Market in Salisbury
      John Blye
      You read this right, It's a one way ride for me.....for you, come along and lead yourself back. Sign In "C" pace, 3 stops, no drops, D riders welcome, NO DIRT, that is if you lead yourself back, I'm going north to find that dirt road Meryle and Steve lead a group over on the Tush. Lunch at the half way point at LaBonne's Market, tables reserved, water will be provided. Rest stops, regroups, replenishment stops planned, regroup at 5 miles Old Rt 22 and Lime Kiln Rd, 9.8 miles Sinpatch, 14.3 Left ?? no it's a right onto Amenia Union Rd, replenishment and bathrooms at 18.6-19 at Sharon Memorial Clock Tower (a kodak moment) at the Sharon FD or When Pigs Fly BBQ, regroup again at 24 mile Lime Rock Rd and the Hotchkiss Prep school. On to Salisbury for lunch. I'll leave you there and go north to Lenox Mass. I will designate an assistant leader to bring the group back to the start. Have to go but will return and give you the regroup points for the return half. By the numbers this will be 4.5-5 hours of riding, 1 hour regroups and lunch over beautiful NY, CT roods less shared and with low speed limits. Bring 2 bottles, working blinkers, ID and a smile. I ordered great weather, friendly drivers, and a cheerful WCC group!!!
    • 9:30A
      Carmel-White Pond Ramble
      Stephen Klepner
      The White Pond ride is a hilly, scenic ride with lots of water views. Some roads on this route are not often included on club rides. Be prepared for some climbs, but some fun downhills as well. (Use cue sheet updated on 7/3/16.) Target pace is 12.0. Route is courtesy of David Hallerman.
  • Saturday, August 19, 2017
    • 8:30A
      It's World Humanitarian Day
      Robert Hermann
      So be nice to me. There will be warmth (hey, it's August), so let's start early, look for shade and keep moving. This route has several long, canopied straights, with one open stretch on 100S. It's a relatively flat-ish, generally quick-ish route, so we won't need to crank too vigorously to do at least 15 mph. C+ folks welcome, as always. We leave from the school lot on Riversville, not the municipal lot. Safety talk at 8:25. Bring sunscreen, short pants and a smile. We will stop at Tazza in Katonah at midpoint.
    • 8:30A
      Three Lakes, etc.
      Steven Schwartz
      A well traveled route on some familiar roads skirting the reservoirs. We start early to beat the heat and have the bulk of the day ahead of us when we are done. We leave sharply at 8:30, so be ready to clip in at 8:25 for a short safety talk. I expect a pace of 14.5-15 mph with regrouping as needed. Our rest stop will be at Panera at mile 22.5 in Yorktown. I will bring some cue sheets. Use the following link: Sign In. My cell is 914-450-2503.
    • 9A
      Armonk to Greenwich and Bedford
      Barry Faust
      The forecast for Saturday has changed from “80% chance of thunderstorms” to “partly cloudy”, which sounds OK to me. We’ll begin in Armonk and ride some nice roads through Greenwich and Bedford with a break at Finch’s. There are a number of hills, but nothing terrible - 2200 feet of climbing (according to my Garmin) over the 39-mile route, which comes out to 56 feet/mile. My planned pace is between the high 12’s and low 13’s, and I’ll be re-grouping regularly to keep folks together. Riders that want to do go faster are welcome to ride ahead. Most of the roads are likely to be familiar to you, but this route is a little bit different than others I’ve seen. The RideWithGPS link is Sign In I’ll bring cue sheets. Please be at the Crittendon Middle School parking lot by 8:45AM to sign in and hear the safety talk in time to roll at 9:00AM.
  • Sunday, August 20, 2017
    • 9A
      Sunday Loop
      Stephen Fleischner
      Join us on a beautiful August day for a ride on basic club roads newly configured. We will loop from S Salem through Waccabuc, climb up Hawley into North Salem, and then head through Somers, GB and break in Katonah at Tazza at the midpoint. We will then head into Bedford and climb up to the top of Peapond and head down it to 121 and then head to Ward Pound Ridge Park over to 124 and back to the start. Moderately hilly at 61/ft per mile of about 2,100 overall climbing. Avg C pace of low to mid 13s. So a couple of climbs, speed bumps and some fantastic long downhills. Here is a link to the ride. I will bring the cue sheets: Sign In

    • 9A
      Mahopac Lakes and Trails
      Shelly Mozlin
      Let's head north and ride in Putnam. This ride takes advantage of the bike path for a chunk of miles, which will take us all the way to Carmel. We can stop at Millie's for a bit. Then we turn around and head back down the trailway before meandering back to the middle school. There is a longer version of this ride which circumnavigates Lake Mahopac on the way back for 29 miles, if anyone wants a longer ride (Ride leaders, feel free to post the longer ride so we can have more options!). Here are the links for the 22 miler: Sign In and the 29 miler: Sign In.
      Both are also available in the club RWGPS acct, look for Mahopac Lakes and Trails (shorter version) and Mahopac to Carmel Around the Lake (longer one).
      And the cue sheet is attached as well.
      Call me if you have any questions or concerns, 9144503035

  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017
  • Thursday, August 24, 2017
  • Saturday, August 26, 2017
    • 9A
      Riding Dirt Series - Part 2 Dirt Roads
      Laura Kelly
      Part 2 in the series! If you are comfortable on the OCA, let's ride from the Golden's Bridge ACME out to Hayfields on dirt roads! We will stop at Hayfields for a snack before heading back. Good mix of paved and dirt roads.

      Great route from Christine: Sign In

      Road bikes with 25mm+ tires ok; recommended 28mm+ tires
      Mountain and Fat Bikes not recommended as they are less efficient on paved sections

      Bring a helmet, fluids, cash/card for Hayfields, snacks in case you need additional fuel along the way. Expected speed around 10-11mph - NO DROP ride!
  • Tuesday, August 29, 2017
  • Thursday, August 31, 2017
  • Tuesday, September 5, 2017
  • Thursday, September 7, 2017
  • Tuesday, September 12, 2017
  • Thursday, September 14, 2017
  • Saturday, September 16, 2017
    • 9A
      Dirt Series - Part 3 Putnam Dirt
      Laura Kelly
      Part 3 in the Riding Dirt series! If you enjoyed the dirt ride to Hayfields, it's time to take your dirt riding to the next level! This is a true gravel-grinding-type route with lots of climbing and plenty of beautiful low-traffic dirt roads. Last 5 miles are downhill!

      Road bike with 25mm+ tires ok; recommended 28mm+ tires.
      Mountain and Fat bikes ok but not as efficient on the paved sections.

      Bring a helmet, fluids and snacks, and a sense of adventure. This is a beautiful route with plenty of climbing! Target pace is 10-12mph. NO DROP - we regroup at the top of hills and intersections.

  • Sunday, September 17, 2017
    • 8:30A
      Third Gold Coast Classic Century
      Bjoern Stoecker
      Reaching its third installment, the Gold Coast Classic Century is already beset with fables and tales from years gone by, of wheelmen being lured to a watery grave by the seductive song of sirens, of riders finding their early doom on the unrelenting hills after filling their saddle bags with heavy pirate treasure, and even of brief glimpes of beach along the way.

      Stop 1: mile 38.4 - Christie's Country Market
      Stop 2: mile 68 - Redding Ridge Market & Deli
      Route: Sign In (same as last year)

      By tradition, light refreshments will be served at the conclusion of this adventure. Lastly, riders who have completed all three GCCCs are eligible for a special commemorative badge; please let me know if you want one.
  • Tuesday, September 19, 2017
  • Thursday, September 21, 2017
  • Saturday, September 23, 2017
    • 9A
      Martha's Vineyard Single Sign in
      Bill O'Connell
      THis is a ONE Place sign in - BUT the weekend goes from Thursday to Sunday. When you sign in, please send Leader and email with the Following.
      1) Which days you plan to attend.
      2) Where you plan to stay.
      3) Whether you HAVE a room - and where - or whether you need a room, a share etc.

      As of this posting - most of our initially reserved rooms are sold out.
      There are hundreds more, both on the VIneyard and on the Cape.
      If you stay on Cape - you need to be on the Vineyard by 9am for the ride each day.
      There are ferries that will get you there on time.
      You also need to let the ride leader know, so that we can wait for you, or sweep by to pick you up. (riding of course).
      As we get close, I will share the events for each day, the ride options, and other activities for NON-Riders. As long as the weather cooperates, this weekend can be a real gem.
      The BIG ride is Saturday, so if you can only ride one day, that is the day to look at. Weather permitting of course.
      If Saturday is bad, we will move the big ride to another day.
      Thursday afternoon there will be a short ride.
      Friday another ride - and option if warm enough to Kayak.
      Saturday 55 Miles to Lighthouse at Aquinnah - C/D riders can lock bikes in West Tisbury and take Bus out and back to Lighthouse (hilly part of island) Much of ride is on Paths and FLAT. Past West Tisbury you are on road and hilly. Bonus for doing the Lighthouse by bike is the Bicycle Ferry (Sat/Sun only - VERY COOL)
    • 10A
      Hudson Valley Ramble Mtn Bike Ride
      Laura Kelly
      This mountain biking ride is part of the Hudson Valley River Ramble and led in partnership with Yorktown Trailtown Committee.

      Join me for a lively mountain bike ride through the Yorktown Trails! We will meet at the Crompond Elementary School parking lot (2901 Manor St, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598) and ride down to the Strang Blvd trailhead. Intermediate trails with plenty of rocks, roots, and logs - ride what you can, walk what you aren't feeling that day. We will be riding in Woodland Legacy Fields and Granite Knolls.

      Bring a mountain bike in good repair, helmet, plenty of fluids and snacks, and a desire to feel like a kid again.

      Rain or soggy trails cancel the ride; leader will be in touch the night before if the weather looks sketch. Email up until the day prior; text is best day-of.

  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017
  • Thursday, September 28, 2017
    *Unaffiliated Rides: These rides are posted for informational purposes only, as a courtesy to Westchester Cycle Club members and others who may be interested. This is NOT an official or sanctioned WCC ride.