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WCC Board takes lead in E-Bike Legislation

Here is the letter we sent to the Legislators involved and asked other clubs to send as well
By Lewis Insler on 3/14/20



Senator Timothy M. Kennedy

Chairman of Committee on Transportation

Legislative Office Building, Room 708

Albany, NY 12247


Assemblyman William B. Magnarelli

Chair, Standing Committee on Transportation

Legislative Office Building, Room 829

Albany, NY 12248




Dear Transportation Chairs:


            We write on behalf of [club name] and the many cyclists in our area who support the passage of legislation that would bring New York in line with the majority of bike-friendly states which have authorized the use of electrically-assisted bicycles ("e-bikes") on New York roads. As you know, the Legislature in 2019 session passed S. 5294-A to authorize e-bikes but it was not signed into law. At the current session, several revised bills on this issue have been introduced in each chamber, some of which have been referred to your Transportation committee. 


            E-bikes have been proven in this country and in Europe over the past decade to increase recreational opportunities and cycle tourism. They permit riders of different enthusiasm, age and strength to ride safely together over longer distances. They have proven valuable for commuting and casual transportation as well. It is telling that all the major American bicycle manufacturers now offer a wide variety of e-bikes at all price points. We therefore support the goal of this legislation. 


            We do, however, have one major reservation about the regulatory approach taken in S. 5294-A and similar bills.  It is not feasible or desirable to permit every locality to prohibit and regulate e-bikes, any more than it would be to permit every locality to have its own motor vehicle code. A typical bike ride in the suburbs or a rural area will predictably pass through several towns and villages. Having a patchwork system of rules for each locality in a county, with some of them outlawing e-bikes or limiting them to certain roads, is unworkable. It will predictably lead to barring e-bikes in many places even as it aims to permit them. 


            Certainly, there is room for localities to regulate e-bikes in a targeted way that takes account of unique local properties and conditions, as long as such narrow and need-based rules are consistent with the broad state goal of authorization, rather than in obvious derogation and circumvention of that declaration. However, the broad local regulatory powers proposed to the VTL in S. 5294-A and in subsequent bills need to be deleted or they will eviscerate if not obliterate the state authorization of e-bikes. (See the attachment here with the highlighted provisions of S. 5294-A that we think would undermine the statute's purpose.)


            We are allied in this matter with the Westchester Cycle Club, the largest bike club in this state outside of New York City. WCC has already been in contact with the Majority Leader and Sen. Mayer of Westchester. Thank you for your support and attention to this matter. 










Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Majority Leader, New York State Senate

188 State Street

Legislative Office Building, Room 907

Albany, NY 12247


Senator Shelley B. Mayer

Legislative Office Building, Room 509

Albany, NY 12247


Senator Jessica Ramos 

Committee on Transportation

Committee on Transportation

Legislative Office Building., Room 946

Albany, NY 12247


Sample E-Bike Message for Members to Send

By Lewis Insler on 3/14/20

eBikes Without Borders in New York

A bill before the legislature in New York State would give a green light to eBikes in NYC but effectively pull the plug on their rollout anywhere else in the Empire State. S. 5294-A is the bill that includes language that would allow individual municipalities to ban eBikes.

As a cyclist I am opposed to any legislation that lets counties, towns, or villages ban eBikes. As it is currently written, these rules will effectively limit eBikes' usage as a green and

(Sample E-Bike Message for Members to Send continues ...)

Club RWGPS Update

By Shelly Mozlin on 2/19/18 updated 6/01/19
Most of you already know that WCC now has a Ride With GPS ( Club Account.
We now have almost 300 routes in the Club RWGPS library.  The library is accessible to EVERYONE, with or without a RWGPS account.  It is a fantastic resource and we would like ride leaders to start at the RWGPS library when looking for routes and links.  
Check it out here:

It is very easy to sort the routes by name, starting location, or (Club RWGPS Update continues ...)

Mysteries of gearing revealed

By Bud Kroll on 8/23/11 updated 12/10/16

I confess.  When someone would ask me “what cassette are you using?” or “is that a compact crank?” I would shrug my shoulders and change the subject.  But curiosity finally caught up with me, and I sat down to figure it out.  So here is the bike nerd’s guide to gearing, along with an Excel spreadsheet you can download from the WCC website to plug in your own data and explore the impact of the many gearing choices you can make on your bike: Gearing Cadence

(Mysteries of gearing revealed continues ...)

RWGPS--Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Shelly Mozlin on 6/13/18
Everybody should know that WCC has a club-based Ride With GPS account.  
If you don’t know about this or just haven't gotten around to enrolling, read this! And send me an email if you want to enroll. It is FREE.  
We now have 150 members enrolled in the account and 340 routes in the WCC RWGPS route library.  Remember the library is publicly accessible here:  This link is on the (RWGPS--Should I Stay or Should I Go? continues ...)
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