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By Bill O'Connell on 4/05/17
As usual, the first official AWAY event is the Tush Tuneup on April 29-30. 
We are going back to Great Barrington simply because it offers the best combination of routes, amenities, and lodging.
The official Hotel is the Days Inn, in Great Barrington, as has been our tradition.  
They have given us a good rate and reasonable cancellation terms.  Call the Hotel directly for Reservations.
There will be 2 starting points as in past years and SAG service will be available if needed.  
Sign up for SATURDAY (TUSH TUNE UP continues ...)

2017 Jill E. Solomon Bicycle Helmet Safety Day Saturday May 6, 2017, 10:00 AM to Noon

By Mark J. Lalloo on 4/18/17
The Jill E. Solomon Bicycle Helmet Safety Day is a bike safety program sponsored by the White Plains Rec. & Parks Dept. for the children of White Plains. It is happening on Saturday May 6, 2017 from 10:00 AM to Noon at Delfino Park at 110 Lake St. in White Plains.  The event is supported by the Jill E. Solomon Foundation, which provides all helmets free of cost.

Volunteers are needed for these activities:
Helmet Fitting
Bike & Equipment Check
Safe Riding & Traffic Skills
Learning to Ride

The event is always a lot of fun fitting helmets and teaching them riding and traffic skills and learning to ride. During the program, volunteers are not require to ride a bike.  To volunteer, please contact Mark J. Lalloo:  or (914)946-8816.   Volunteers need to be at the park by 9:30 AM for assignment and instruction.  At the conclusion of the program, I will lead D level ride for all volunteers.

WCC Bikes4Kids in the News We need YOUR help to continue our good work!

By Bill OConnell on 12/13/14 updated 8/07/16

Volunteers refurbish, donate bikes to New Rochelle kids

We Meet Every Tuesday Evening from 6 to 8PM.
Until after New Year's we are meeting at Adriane's Home in Rye, at 169 THeo Fremd Avenue.  
We need YOUR help to continue the good work we have started.
Please email Bill O'Connell or Adriane DeFeo to let us know that you would like to join our cause.  We can use as many as 6 Volunteers EVERY week.  The work is simple and requires NO advance training.  
1) Put a smile on a child's face.
2) Enhance the public image of our club and cycling in general.
3) Learn how to work on bikes.
4) Enjoy the comeraderie of some of the most involved WCC members.
5) Did I hear Pizza? Pasta?
6) Avoid those extra hill climbing pounds you gain by sitting every night in front of the "boob tube!"
 The Journal News 2:51 p.m. EDT October 30, 2014

Volunteers from Hope Community Services, Linking Handlebars from Rye, Miller's Bikes in Mamaroneck, Larchmont Temple and Westchester Cycle Club's Bikes4Kids recently donated 130 bicycles to children.


ABOVE: Bridget Salice (left) and Cristiana Villani (right ), both of Rye and with Linking Handlebars, 

get a young girl rolling on her bicycle.

BELOW: Volunteers helped refurbish and distribute bicycles to New Rochelle youngsters.

Volunteers helped refurbish and distribute bicycles

Westchester Cycle Club member Bob Herman fits a youngster

WCC Vice President Bob Hermann fits a youngster for a bicycle.

(Photos by Adriane DeFeo, WCC Member)

Volunteers from Hope Community Services, Linking Handlebars from Rye, Miller's Bikes in Mamaroneck, Larchmont Temple and Westchester Cycle Club's Bikes4Kids recently donated 130 gently used, refurbished bicycles to children in the New Rochelle area.

Carol Troum, executive director of Hope Community Services, hosted and promoted the program. Linking Handlebars and Westchester Cycle Club's Bikes4Kids collected, fixed up and donated the bikes. Mechanics from Miller's Bikes helped refurbish and repair the bicycles and get them ready for distribution.

"Having the opportunity to link up with these great groups has enabled us to touch the lives of even more children," said Linking Handlebars' Vice President Cristiana Villani, a senior at Rye High School. Linking Handlebars has already donated over 220 bicycles.

"Our Bikes4Kids program gives children what they need to experience the thrill of riding a bicycle and hopefully pursue other healthy outdoor activities," said Bill O'Connell, who started the program for the Westchester Cycle Club.

Miller's Bikes contributed labor, expertise, storage and transportation.

"It's truly rewarding to spend our time helping kids experience what we all love about bicycling, and to see joy on their faces when they get their very first bike," said bike shop owner Taka Andrews.

People or bike shops who wish to contribute bikes to these programs should contact Bill O'Connell at or Cristiana Villani at

Tuesday and Thursday Night Training Rides Routes

By Bruce Wells on 3/06/16 updated 2/22/17

The Tuesday and Thursday night training rides start March 14th for the 2017 DST season.  Check the ride schedule for starting times and mileage, as it varies depending on the daylight available.

Many people have been asking for the routes for the Tuesday and Thursday night training rides.  So here they are.  They are listed in ascending order by mileage.  Each route is known by the road on which we turn around.  So if we say we are doing Rt 22, that means we turn back on Rt 22.

Whippoorwill East,

(Tuesday and Thursday Night Training Rides Routes continues ...)

Mysteries of gearing revealed

By Bud Kroll on 8/23/11 updated 12/10/16

I confess.  When someone would ask me “what cassette are you using?” or “is that a compact crank?” I would shrug my shoulders and change the subject.  But curiosity finally caught up with me, and I sat down to figure it out.  So here is the bike nerd’s guide to gearing, along with an Excel spreadsheet you can download from the WCC website to plug in your own data and explore the impact of the many gearing choices you can make on your bike: Gearing Cadence and Speed.xls

First some basics

(Mysteries of gearing revealed continues ...)