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Club RWGPS Update

By Shelly Mozlin on 2/19/18 updated 6/01/19
Most of you already know that WCC now has a Ride With GPS (ridewithgps.com) Club Account.
We now have almost 300 routes in the Club RWGPS library.  The library is accessible to EVERYONE, with or without a RWGPS account.  It is a fantastic resource and we would like ride leaders to start at the RWGPS library when looking for routes and links.  
Check it out here:

It is very easy to sort the routes by name, starting location, or (Club RWGPS Update continues ...)

Highlights from the 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Don’t have the time to read them? Here is a summary.
By Laura Kelly on 2/06/18 updated 1/28/18
Minutes from meetings of the Board of Directors are posted on the website.  Don’t have the time to read them?  Here is a summary.  And if 430 words are too many, just read the words in bold!

  • In January, with the new Board in place, we began to plan events and locked down the date for our annual meeting and holiday party at the Kittle House.
  • In February, we approved an order for arm warmers. A Ride Leader Appreciation Party and a Ride Leader Summit were planned. A recommendation
(Highlights from the 2017 Board Meeting Minutes continues ...)

Mysteries of gearing revealed

By Bud Kroll on 8/23/11 updated 12/10/16

I confess.  When someone would ask me “what cassette are you using?” or “is that a compact crank?” I would shrug my shoulders and change the subject.  But curiosity finally caught up with me, and I sat down to figure it out.  So here is the bike nerd’s guide to gearing, along with an Excel spreadsheet you can download from the WCC website to plug in your own data and explore the impact of the many gearing choices you can make on your bike: Gearing Cadence

(Mysteries of gearing revealed continues ...)

RWGPS--Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Shelly Mozlin on 6/13/18
Everybody should know that WCC has a club-based Ride With GPS account.  
If you don’t know about this or just haven't gotten around to enrolling, read this! And send me an email if you want to enroll. It is FREE.  
We now have 150 members enrolled in the account and 340 routes in the WCC RWGPS route library.  Remember the library is publicly accessible here: https://ridewithgps.com/organizations/80-westchester-cycle-club/routes.  This link is on the (RWGPS--Should I Stay or Should I Go? continues ...)
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