Member Of The Month

December 2017

Mark J. Lalloo

Mark J. Lalloo
White Plains,  New York
A W.C.C. member since Sept. 2003 (not an original “CCC” member)

What level do you usually ride? 
I usually ride at  “B” level

What was your first bike? 
My first bike was a gold single speed Apollo cruiser with coaster brake.  It had a black banana seat with a low sissy bar (this was pre-BMX days).

Who is your role model?
My role model is the late Michael Miller.  He befriend me early in my time with W.C.C .  He show me the important of safety and to pass the knowledge on to others.   These  beliefs are priorities for me to this day.  I try to spread this mantra on every ride, I do.

Do you prefer ... 
I do prefer fast riding
  • I ride mainly road, but have a mountain bike now
  • My main road bike is a titanium Lynsky Helix, but I have a carbon & steel bike.  I’m not an aluminum fan
  • I ride in lycra & spadex, but own one wool jersey (great in cold temperature)
Fun Fact: On any ride I lead, at the end you get a fig newton

Tell us about your favorite bike adventure. 
My big bike adventure is from July 2005.  Myself and Tommy Chiudina (former club member) rode from Danny’s Bike Shop on Central Ave. to the state of Maine (300 miles), in one day.  We departed late Friday (actually 2:00 AM Saturday morning), with a follow vehicle.   During the night hours, the follow vehicle was with us.  We rode on Rt. 1 deep into Connecticut, until we turned inland to get to a crossing of the Connecticut River that allowed bikes.  Because of a wrong turn we missed a ferry near Essex , Conn., so we had to go further inland to a bridge.   All along the way, everyone screamed “Lance” at us, because it was the final weekend of Lance Armstrong  final Tour de France win.

After Connecticut, I remember the ride through Rhode Island being a low point for me, because of the heat and the hills (there are hills in Rhode Island).   Soon after crossing into Massachusetts, we got our one and only flat tire.  After a quick change,  we made good progress until a situation arose.   In a remote section of central Massachusetts (I think a state forest), we ran out of water.  We rode at least a dozen miles without a drop of water.  Eventually, we got water before dehydration set in and got to Bedford, Mass. (which looks exactly like Bedford, N.Y.). In Bedford, we ate dinner, then hooked up with the follow vehicle for the final leg.

We got back on Rt. 1 near the border with New Hampshire before darkness set in.   Even through the route is near the coast,  the road was mainly long rolling hills to the end.   At night, it was refreshing riding, because of the cooler temperatures.   This part of the trip, revealed  the scariest situation.   At  a gas station stop for water and fresh batteries for the lights,  everyone we saw in line was buying at least 12 pack of beer.

Just before midnight,  we crossed the bridge from Portsmouth, N.H. into Maine. I rode about another  ½  mile to get 300 miles for  trip total. Then we got into our follow vehicle for the hour ride to the hotel in Massachusetts. After a real good night  sleep,  I got up in time to see Lance win his final tour live.

What do you love most about WCC? 
For W.C.C.,  I love the members.   All the members I’ve ridden with have been great, always friendly and sociable. Most rides, I meet someone new and it has been a positive experience. 
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