Member Of The Month

June 2017

Kas Kasprowicz

Kas Kasprowicz of Verplanck has been a member of WCC for close to a decade. He is often seen volunteering with WCC and is known for his amazing sense of humor.

Name: Zbigniew Jesus Thaddeus Carmelo Seamus Gonzalez O’Kasprowicz…….better known to my biking friends (and others) as Kas.
City: Verplanck, the town that time forgot, somewhere south of Montreal and west of Dublin.
Years member of WCC: 8 or 9 years I think, time flies.

My first bike: I shared it with my dad. An old Raleigh with rod brakes. I shared it because we were dirt poor. No I wasn’t comparable in height to my dad. He would take the seat and seatpost off the bike and wrap a towel around the top tube. I can safely say I prematurely lost my virginity right there. The bike was great. It had the agility and weight of a Sherman tank!

Role model and why.: Without a doubt my dad. A big tough guy, ex-hockey player. A baker by trade and since we could not afford a car for a while, pedaled the 2 - wheeled Sherman across London, every day, day and night in ANY weather to his job. Never complained, at least not within earshot.

Do you prefer:
... Fast or Slow: Oh yes we are talking cycling. I like both. Fast and slow riding, depending on how I feel and if I want to take in the scenery or just feel a burst of speed coming on. Could happen at any time.
... Dirt or Road: I like both, but not on the same ride. I have spent extensive time enjoying both and prefer to have the bike for the conditions.
... Steel or Carbon: I started on steel and my only experience with carbon is the front fork. When I get down to my fighting weight (soon) then maybe I’ll reward myself.
... Wool or Lycra: I like Lycra. I cannot bring myself to wear wool. It reminds me too much of my pre-historic days when my mother clad me in woolen swimwear that looked like a fully loaded diaper when I emerged from the water looking like Daniel Craig!

Share A Fun fact: Don’t have any, I’m a bore.

Favorite ride or adventure: Hard to pick just one. So many to choose from. Probably Noah’s ride and the club away trips.

What do I love about WCC: The friendliness, volunteerism, willingness to help when in trouble (been there, needed that)

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