Member Of The Month

April 2017

Cathy Martone

Cathy Martone is an 11-year member from Peekskill. Originally a ride leader in the City, Cathy is passionate about safe riding habits! 

What was your first bike?

A cute red tricycle.

Who is your role model/motivational hero and why?
People like Marty Feldman, who show me that we can keep cycling for years to come.

Do you prefer
... fast or slow?

All the above! Fast for the thrill; slow for the sightseeing ability and sociability; very slow for the skill training.

... dirt or road? 
Both, but more road than dirt.

... steel or carbon? 
Steel, though may get a titanium or carbon frame someday.

... wool or Lycra?
Lycra on bottom, wool on top.

Share a fun fact! 
I met my husband David on a ride with the New York Cycle Club (NYCC) - we had both been active members for several years but somehow had never met until October 2001. We had several friends in common so I was able to check his references!

Tell us about your favorite bike ride or adventure. 

When David and I went on our honeymoon in Nova Scotia, in June-July 2003, we figured out our own routes in the two rural areas where we stayed. That way, we saw sides of the province that were intriguing, such as the churches with signs about the once-a-month pastors; or bike shops that needed to double up in the winter selling wood and pellet stoves.

What do you love about WCC? 

When we moved to Westchester in 2006 we immediately joined WCC knowing that to get involved was the easiest way to meet people and to make new friends. We went on a few rides, then lead a ride or two and volunteered for the Golden Apple. WCC gave us instant connections, helped us learn our way around Westchester and Putnam - but the best thing has been the friends we've made.
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