Member Of The Month

March 2017

Edward Pugliese

Ed Pugliese is a three-year member from Granite Springs. You may have seen him taking photos on the last group ride or gotten a Band-Aid from his ever-prepared pack.
What was your first bike? Too long ago to remember. But I remember it was stolen when I lived in the Bronx while I was still on it. Got picked up off the bike by some big kids and I remember chasing after them. Next bike was a Schwinn Stingray with a banana seat and I used to love doing wheelies. My first road bike I used with the club was a 2009 Specialized Dolce I bought used on Ebay and then passed onto another cyclist when they joined WCC.
Who is your role model/motivational hero and why?
So many in the club that have served as inspiration in different ways. Amy Balter got the ball rolling by helping me meet my first goal of a metric century my first year with the club and then by suggesting I become a ride leader. Christine Schopen and others with many miles each year have been an inspiration to ride as many miles as possible. David Hathaway and his Marco Polo rides helped me redefine my outlook on climbing hills. There are so many others I could mention here.
Do you prefer:
... fast or slow?

Depends on the day. Some rides I like the challenge to see how fast I can go. It's fun to do the Griff and see how must faster I can go each time. Other days I don't mind sweeping and enjoying the scenery.
... dirt or road?
Definitely road but the occasional dirt ride makes things interesting.
.... steel or carbon?
I have an aluminum and a carbon bike. Each has different qualities I consider when going for a ride. The aluminum bike is lighter but not geared well for climbing. But I do love the electronic shifting. The carbon has a 32T in the back that lets me get up Peekamoose.
.... wool or lycra?
Lycra most days. But when I cycle in 20-degree weather you can't do without some nice wool.
Share a fun fact!
My first metric century was a mistake. Got separated from the group and took a wrong turn. I think it was supposed to be a 57-mile ride and turned into a 62.
Tell us about your favorite bike ride or adventure.
The bicycle/hot-air balloon race I have done as a fundraiser the past two years has been a blast. RAGBRAI this past year was something to experience with 20,000 other cyclists.
What do you love about WCC?
The camaraderie and variety of activities. Writing/performing the song for the talent show with Denise and Annmarie was a blast.
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