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Upcoming Events

  • Tush Tuneup SAG and Luggage Transport and Arrival Party
    Saturday, April 28
    The Tush TUneup is an annual Club Ride with an overnight destination.  
    1) The Fee above helps us to pay a SAG Driver and Some Gas costs for Volunteer Luggage Couriers.  In addition, it covers some refreshments at the Arrival Site.
    2) Luggage is STRICTLY LIMITED to DAY BACKPACKS of 2500 cu in size or smaller.  
    Rolling Airline Luggage or larger is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!  
    3) YOU should know that if there are no VOLUNTEERS to drive your luggage up to Great Barrington and back, you MAY have to carry the luggage on your back one or both ways.  PACK ACCORDINGLY!!!
    There are a number of alternate hotels available, but the Ride Party on Saturday and the DEPARTURE POINT SUNDAY MORNING will be a the DAYS INN!
    5) In the event of RAIN on ONE DAY ONLY - the event will NOT CANCEL!!!
    We will have alternate rides for the OTHER DAY around the Great Barrington area.  
    You may pay up until 5pm Thursday, so please check the weather prior to paying the SAG fee.  
    7) Paid fees will NOT be Refunded!  In event of cancellation, Paid Sag Fees will be applied to FUTURE Rides.
    The entire amount will be used for the Party in those cases.  
    9) Remember that if you are driving up to ride, you can still carry luggage, and we will pay you something for doing this, hopefully enough to cover some serious gas costs.
    10) PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE WILLING TO CARRY LUGGAGE - BOTH WAYS!!  It will require you be at the departure point early on Saturday and stay there until riders arrive on Sunday. (at least a few riders willing to watch the luggage until others arrive.) We do not want luggage left unattended, and riders ride at different paces.

  • Cinco de Velo
    Sunday, May 6
    We are returning to the scenic Edith Macy Center in Briarcliff Manor for the 2018 Cinco De Velo, one of our most popular multi-level event; but one that was off the calendar last year!,  For this event we will be in the lakeside Kinderhaus, the spot most of you remember, and not where we were for the Daffodil Ride a few weeks ago. Parking will be in the regular Visitor's Parking lot.
    Multi-level rides are a great way to meet fellow cyclists in your category and  to enjoy talking to cyclists of all ride levels before the rides and as you enjoy a delicious lunch.
    You will be able to choose from a ride at your level by going to the Ride Schedule Page and choosing your ride - ride leaders will be posting category rides in the upcoming days.  All rides begin at the same location...  however... all at different times... please ensure to take notice of the times the rides roll.  It is good to note here, ride start time is the time you roll, you should always be at a ride 15 to 20 minutes earlier.

  • Martha's Vineyard Memorial Day Spectacular
    Thursday, May 24
    This is the rescheduled weekend washed out last September. THis is a ONE Place SINGLE sign in - BUT the weekend goes from Thursday to Sunday. 
    Two reasons- More Riding , and missing the worst of the Memorial Day Weekend Traffic.When you sign in, please send Leader an email with the Following:1) Which days you plan to attend.
    2) Where you plan to stay.
    3) Whether you HAVE a room - and where - or whether you need a room, or have one to share. As of this posting - most Places should have rooms.There are hundreds of rooms, both on the VIneyard and on the Cape.
    If you stay on Cape - you need to be on the Vineyard by 9am for the ride each day. There are ferries that will get you there on time.
    If you plan on taking a car see the announcement - you need advance reservations and it is QUITE expensive.
    You also need to let the ride leader know, so that we can wait for you, or sweep by to pick you up. (riding of course).
    As we get close, I will share the events for each day, the ride options, and other activities for NON-Riders. As long as the weather cooperates, this weekend can be a real gem.
    The BIG ride is Saturday, so if you can only ride one day, that is the day to look at. Weather permitting of course.
    If Saturday is bad, we will move the big ride to another day.
    Thursday afternoon there will be a short ride. This ride will be on roads much more than
    Friday another ride slightly longer - and option -if warm enough - to Kayak.
    Saturday 55 Miles to Lighthouse at Aquinnah - C/D riders can lock bikes in West Tisbury and take Bus out and back to Lighthouse (hilly part of island).Much of ride is on Bike Paths and is relatively FLAT. Past West Tisbury you are on roads and it gets a bit hilly. Bonus for doing the Lighthouse by bike is the Bicycle Ferry (Sat/Sun only - VERY COOL)Main Hotels and meeting spots:1) Nashua House2) Madison Inn3) DocksideIn order of increasing cost.The Oak Bluffs Inn is another good Option, and there are many other hotels both on the island or on the Cape , although staying on the cape makes for issues with both rides and dinner events.
    These are all in “downtown “ Oak Bluffs, an easy walk to the O.B. Ferry (not Vineyard Haven) and restaurants and attractions.All rides start from Madison House where a locked room is available for our bikes.You can stay anywhere you like but must be here to start rides.IF you plan on coming with your car I need to know. It allows more lodging options to open up , though parking in OB can be a pain, and you should reserve space on ferries both ways long in advance. The SAG fees we collect mar reimburse some of your car expenses IF you have a non-Riding guest willing to drive SAG or if you help ferry riders to the beach dinner..SAG fees from last fall will be transferred.SAG is $20 per person for the entire weekend.. There will then be a place on the WCC EVENTS Page around May 1st If you have not paid yet PLEASE WAIT until Monday May 21 to Pay but window closes on Wednesday May 23 at 6pm.

  • MultiClub Ride
    Sunday, June 10
    The first inter-club metro area bike ride took place last fall. It was created by us with the New York Cycle Club, and Bicycle Touring Club of New Jersey was soon added. It took place in NJ. It was fun and a success.

    This year, it's taking place on our turf with WCC as host. Eight bike clubs are taking part this year--the ones named above, plus Sound Cyclists, Rockland Bicycling Club, Long Island Bicycle Club, Ridgefield Bicycle Sports Club and Orange County Bicycle Club. The concept is to have riders from these different clubs ride together and talk to each other. That's it.

    The ride will take place on June 10 and based at Croton Point Park. There will be an intermediate food/water stop and a cold lunch afterward at the Pavilion in the park. There is no event or food charge, but parking is $10 car to the County. We have tentatively devised three routes:

    https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27193659 (60 miles)

    https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27239873 (50 miles)

    https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26872370 (27 miles)

    Based on what we're hearing from the other clubs, we will plan for a large number of riders. We will break up into groups initially by distance and expected pace. Groups will leave the park at intervals to avoid being too large or too close together.

    We will need lots of WCC ride leaders, so please contact Andy Katell.  More details to come....

  • Montreal / Champlain Weekend
    Thursday, August 2
    Our Inaugural trip to Montreal and Champlain Islands last year was a resounding success - Despite iffy weather.  
    We will ride in Montreal Thursday Afternoon and Friday on mostly bike paths along the Lachine Canal and Rue de Rapides (St. Lawrence River).
    Friday Evening we move to Plattsburgh.  Saturday and Sunday we will have one BIG ride up Route 9 in NY and down the Chaimplain Islands Chain 67 miles.
    THis is a VERY flat route, 1700 feet in 67 miles.
    For those to whom even a Flat 67 miles is asking too much, there is a ride of about 30 miles after taking the ferry across to South Hero Island, riding up to Lunch and then back again.
    The Beauty of this waterside ride is incredible, don't miss it.
    There are TONS of Hotels in Both Locations - we will be staying Close to Route 87 in Plattsburgh, and Rides in Montreal will start in the OLD City.
    More details will follow in June and July, so check back here for updates.
    DO NOT pay the sag fee or $20 until a few days prior to the event.  It is posted here now just as an early alert.