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Upcoming Events

  • Road Skills 101
    Thursday, May 4
    Road Skills 101 (formerly known as Smart Cycling) is for those who are interested in improving their bike handling skills and wish to feel more comfortable riding on the roads.  Topics in the course include bike fit, what to wear,  stopping , starting,  turning, scanning, signaling, where to ride in the lane, and many others with an emphasis on safe riding.  
    The dates are
    May 4 - 7-9 PM
    May 6 - 9-3 PM
    May 7 - 9-3 PM
    at the White Plains YMCA.  The instructors (Ellen Katz, Shelly Mozlin, and Lisa Baker) are Licensed Cycling Instructors and we'll be teaching this course free of charge to WCC members and the general public. The only charge will be $20 for materials -- a book that covers information learned in the course.  There will be 3 classroom sessions and two on-bike sessions. Email Ellen Katz at for more information.

  • TriClub Ride #1
    Saturday, June 24
    SAVE THE DATE....we are having a new all-level ride of 3 metro area clubs with a collective membership approaching 5,000 cyclists. It will include members of WCC, New York Cycle Club and the Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey. The start point will be right across the GWB. Routes on the west side of the river are in development for varying distances and pace groups. It will be a no- or low-cost ride, we project. More info to follow.....