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By Lewis Insler on 3/14/20

eBikes Without Borders in New York

A bill before the legislature in New York State would give a green light to eBikes in NYC but effectively pull the plug on their rollout anywhere else in the Empire State. S. 5294-A is the bill that includes language that would allow individual municipalities to ban eBikes.

As a cyclist I am opposed to any legislation that lets counties, towns, or villages ban eBikes. As it is currently written, these rules will effectively limit eBikes' usage as a green and healthy transportation alternative. Having a patchwork system of rules for each locality in a county, with some of them outlawing e-bikes completely, is unworkable, and likely unenforceable, too.

Last year's bill allowed municipalities to ban e-scooters. This year's amended legislation expands that ban to eBikes. Although it might be convenient for Albany to lump both scooters and eBikes together, they are different. eBikes have a longer range (up to 50 miles on a charge) than scooters. Pedal assisted bicycles, which can make the make Rockland's formidable hills melt away, can encourage people to leave their cars at home and embrace green commuting.

Confronting climate change will require changing behaviors.  We do not want to create roadblocks for our residents who want to pedal to a healthier future by using their bicycles for either transportation, recreation or both. Therefore please remove the language that allows municipalities to regulate eBikes

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