Two New Website Features

Texting and Member Photos
By Bruce Wells on 1/11/20
There are two new functions on the website that I think everyone will be interested in.


You can now send SMS messages to other members and to everyone on your ride. You can optionally include your current location. This means it is really easy to notify everyone if you have a flat or other problem. And if you include your location, people will know exactly where you are.

We send out all texts from 914-313-8770, so make sure that is not seen as spam on your phone.

If you reply to the text, and you are signed up for a ride, then your text will also be sent to the entire ride. You can opt out of receiving ride comments in your profile at under the Notifications tab. You can also control the default setting of sending your location under the Privacy tab. I would recommend you keep it on, as you can always turn it of when you send a text.

Member Photos

You can now add a photo in your section. Click the Photo tab to upload a photo. Once you upload it, you will need to crop it. You can recrop it at any time, or upload a new photo.

Other members will be able to see you photo where are shown on the website, primarily signing up for rides. Member photos are a great way for leaders to assist rider check in.

As always, if you have any questions, issues or ideas about the website, please let me know.

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