Voler Store has reopened!

Time to order WCC Clothing in time for the holidays!
By Bruce Wells on 9/16/19 updated 10/22/19
By popular demand, we have a new order window open in the Voler store. You can now order the new WCC clothing through October 30th. Items will ship December 13th, so you have plenty of time for the gift giving season. We also have graphics for the long sleeve versions of jerseys and jackets.
If you have volunteer points, you should use your volunteer points in our WCC Store. Volunteer points ARE NOT redeemable in the Voler store. If you don't have enough points to purchase an item, you can pay any additional balance with PayPal. If you don't have volunteer points, you will not see the Voler items and you should order them directly from Voler. Contact Judi Tota if you have any questions about volunteer points. Also if you are volunteering for the Golden/Dirty Apple, your volunteer points will be awarded after the event is over. The order window has been planned so you will have time to order after you receive your points. Please note that volunteer points will not be credited for leading rides till 24 hours after you complete the request for ride status.
Also note that we have had multiple reports of shorts and bibs running a bit small. If you have any doubts, order the next size up. If you are on the skinny side for a size, you should be fine.
One really nice feature of the jersey, and a zippered side pocket. This is a mark of a quality jersey. It is the perfect place to stash your cell phone. Cell phones are known to pop out of jersey pockets when you hit a bump. A zipped pocket will keep you cell phone safe from unsuspected bumps!

So order before the end of October 30th and you are guaranteed to have everything for the holiday season.
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