Highlights from the 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Don’t have the time to read them? Here is a summary.
By Laura Kelly on 2/06/18 updated 1/28/18
Minutes from meetings of the Board of Directors are posted on the website.  Don’t have the time to read them?  Here is a summary.  And if 430 words are too many, just read the words in bold!

  • In January, with the new Board in place, we began to plan events and locked down the date for our annual meeting and holiday party at the Kittle House.
  • In February, we approved an order for arm warmers. A Ride Leader Appreciation Party and a Ride Leader Summit were planned. A recommendation from the subcommittee on ride leader incentives was reviewed and approved.
  • In March, Bob reported on plans for a 3-club ride, with NYCC and BTCNY. Plans for the Golden Apple looked at bringing it back to the Goldens Bridge Metro-North station instead of Best Plumbing. Laura brought back Member-of-the-Month to the newsletter and the website.  
  • In April, all-club events began to appear, with the daffodils. Plans for the Tush Tune-Up, the Fiesta Ride, a July 4th celebration and a trip to the Champlain Islands were all in the mix. Safety and education events for members and the community were on the calendar. The ability to confirm riders using the website went live, and “sign-up sheets” went away. 
  • In May, Paul Winkeller from the New York Bicycle Coalition made a presentation to the Board focusing on advocacy. Golden Apple planning began in earnest.  Steve reported on the possibility of purchasing rain insurance for the event.
  • In June, we reviewed everything that had been set in motion: Bike Sunday on the Bronx River Parkway, education and safety events, Golden Apple plans, away trips, the Tri-Club Ride.   
  • In July, rain insurance for the Golden Apple was in place. Members began enrolling in the club RWGPS account.
  • In September, Al announced that he would not be seeking another term as Events Coordinator! Routes for the Golden Apple were finished, including a bigger and better Dirty Apple. The Tri-Club ride was rescheduled for the fall.
  • In October, we were happy that so many people showed up for the Golden Apple despite the wet weather and even happier that we had purchased rain insurance. We were blown away by the Laura G.’s awesome design for the special Ride Leader’s jersey. Laura K. reported on the fantastic Bike Summit in Albany, planned by NYBC.
  • In November, we discussed another Tri-Club ride in 2018, perhaps in Westchester, and making it a 4-Club Ride. We planned opening nominations for the Board and voting via the website.
  • After 352 members voted, the 2018 Board was announced at December’s annual meeting.
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