Help WCC Celebrate!!! WCC Day on the Bronx River Parkway

By Ellen Katz on 5/09/17 updated 5/17/17
Sunday, June 11th is WCC Day on the Bronx River Parkway.  Come help us celebrate!!!  As part of Bicycle Sundays, the parkway will be closed to traffic from 10 AM until 2 PM on that day so cyclists and skaters can enjoy the roads.  

Here's what we have planned so far:

Charlie and Dan Goldberger will man a "Merchandise Table" selling WCC merchandise.

Deb Ramsey will head a "Free Bike Helmet Check" and " Free Bike Safety Check" station where riders can stop by to have their helmets checked for proper fit and their bikes checked for safety.  

Deb will also supervise several WCC Ambassadors who will ride the parkway wearing their WCC jerseys, handing out bike bells to all who are interested.

We also hope that Ride Leaders will pass through the parkway during this time.

Here's what we need:

 One volunteer who knows how to work the portable credit card gizmo to work with Charlie and Dan.

Four volunteers to help fit helmets and pump tires.  We'll show you how if you need help.  Two volunteers will work from 10 until12 noon and two will work from noon until 2 PM.

Four volunteers wearing their WCC jerseys to ride the parkway and give out bike bells.  Two volunteers will work from 10 until noon and two will work from noon until 2.  Deb will have the bells for you.

If you can help, please sign up under the "Volunteer" tab on this website.   If you have any questions,  please email me, Ellen Katz, at

Thanks in advance for your always excellent support!